ALERT: ISIS Terrorist Plows Truck Through Soldiers – Numerous Victims

The world was rocked by yet another terrorist attack on Sunday when a Palestinian terrorist rammed a truck through a group of Israeli soldiers who were visiting a tourist spot in Jerusalem.

Daily Mail reported that at least four were killed and 15 were wounded in the disturbing attack, which bore a striking resemblance to the recent ones in Berlin and Nice. The horrifying attack was captured on video, as footage shows the terrorist backing over the soldiers, trapping ten of them under the wheels of his truck.

The terrorist was eventually shot dead by police at the tourist area, which overlooks holy sites in the Old City such as the Dome of the Rock and provides one of the most spectacular views of Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke out hours after the attack to say that the terrorist had been identified and that “according to all the signs he was a supporter of the Islamic State.”

He added that there “definitely could be a connection” between this attack and the previous ones in Berlin and Nice.

“A lone terrorist drove his truck into a group of soldiers standing on the side of the road,” said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.
“They got off the bus, and as they were getting off the bus and getting organised, he took advantage.”

Tour guide Eytan Rund recounted the attack to reporters, saying it was definitely “intentional.”

“The truck sent me flying, I was lucky, just a couple of bruises. The right corner of the truck hit me and sent me flying, a couple of flips on the grass, I am quite amazed that I am standing here right now,” he said. “The second biggest miracle is that my gun wasn’t lost from this.”

He added that he realized the attack was intentional when the truck “suddenly turned around to probably run over again.”

“I pulled out the gun I fired one shot at the wheels and I realised this will not do and while he [the attacker] was driving I ran to overtake him from his left side, I stood in front of him and started shooting my entire magazine until it was over,” Rund said. “He kept on driving after… I don’t know if my bullets were the one that wounded him and made him stop, but without a doubt he kept on going a few metres after I shot him.”

Please send prayers to all those affected by this terrorist attack!

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