The world was rocked by yet another terrorist attack today, this time in a crowded marketplace in Baghdad, Iraq.

Fox News reported that eight people were killed on Thursday when a car bomb detonated in a mostly Shiite neighborhood in the Iraqi capital. Police said the car filled with explosives was parked near an outdoor fruit and vegetable market.

Six civilians and two police officers were killed in the blast, and at least 15 were wounded.

Though nobody has claimed responsibility for this attack at this time, it bares all the hallmarks of an attack made by ISIS, who has carried out a deadly string of attacks in Baghdad over the past week that have left almost 100 people dead.


Al Jazeera reported that just hours after this bombing, yet another car bomb exploded in the central Baghdad district of Bab al-Moadham near a security checkpoint. This blast left eight people dead and an unknown number injured.

Four other attacks in and around Baghdad on Thursday brought the day’s death toll to at least 21 people, which shows the chaos ISIS has inflicted on the city.

This came days after ISIS claimed responsibility for a suicide car bombing in a busy market in the Sadr City district, that killed at least 39 Iraqis.

Clearly, ISIS is showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon. If something isn’t done to stop them very quickly, the United States might find itself to be their next target…

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