Billionaire Liberal George Soros Has Public Meltdown Over Trump, Then He Shows His True Colors

llionaire George Soros has a very questionable history. Even though he is Jewish he helped the Nazi’s kick Jews out of their homes during the Holocaust. Since then he has spent millions on liberal causes and so the liberals see him as a hero. Now George Soros is speaking out against Trump.

“Democracy is now in crisis. Even the US, the world’s leading democracy, elected a con artist and would-be dictator as its president. Although Trump has toned down his rhetoric since he was elected, he has changed neither his behavior nor his advisers. His cabinet comprises incompetent extremists and retired generals,” wrote Soros

“The US will be preoccupied with internal struggles in the near future, and targeted minorities will suffer. The US will be unable to protect and promote democracy in the rest of the world,” wrote Soros.

“On the contrary, Trump will have greater affinity with dictators. That will allow some of them to reach an accommodation with the US, and others to carry on without interference. Trump will prefer making deals to defending principles. Unfortunately, that will be popular with his core constituency.

“I am particularly worried about the fate of the EU, which is in danger of coming under the influence of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose concept of government is irreconcilable with that of open society,” wrote Soros. His manipulative writing is not just trying to make a point against President Trump, but he is also trying to start a panic. You can look at his full public article here.

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