BREAKING: Trump Tried To Keep It Secret… What He Did Today Will Tug At Your Heart Though!

Most people don’t know this but it was Don. Jr.’s birthday today. Trump wished his son a happy birthday today on Saturday.

On InstagramTrump said that he is “proud” of his 38-year-old son in a post that’ll tug at your heartstrings. On Instagram he posted a picture of himself and his 39-year-old son. Don Jr. shared it originally.

What a sweet moment. You won’t see this on the mainstream media. They cannot even mention it.

Trump also wished his “many enemies” a happy new year.


Let’s wish Trump a happy new year, y’all. Wish him a happy new year in the comments and then share this with 3 friends. 2017 is going to be great and we at Liberty Writers could not imagine celebrating it without all the wonderful deplorables that we have met in 2016.

Oh yeah and happy birthday Don Jr.

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