BREAKING: Trump Uncovers Evidence of a TRAITOR in a Powerful Position, Calls For Investigation

It is clear that Obama administration doesn’t have in mind to find and investigate the evidences of Russian hackers, but pushing a distinctly Liberal narrative about the scandal sure is!

President-elect Donald Trump has had enough of their dirty job! As Trump tweeted, even before the intelligence reported about the alleged Russian hacking to Donald Trump, someone from within the Obama administration informed the mainstream media.

Trump is now calling on the intelligence committees in Congress to investigate how the mainstream media got ahold of the top secret intelligence report.

Exactly how the CIA and FBI determined Russian hackers garnered access to John Podesta’s emails is still shrouded in mystery – even after someone in the Obama administration leaked top secret information to NBC. FBI investigators did not even look at the laptops or DNC email system server that was hacked.

At the end we can conclude that he was right all the way. He stated that someone was playing “politics” with the top secret report about the alleged Russian hacking which caused a lot of embarrassment for Liberal elites. The tweet came after NBC aired a report referencing the findings in the classified report.

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