Clinton Knows! Obama Knows! Comey Knows! Lynch Knows! They Are ALL Going to JAIL!

The democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a trained attorney and once-practicing lawyer. She knows the law and especially the relevant federal statutes regarding government property. Therefore, Mrs. Clinton  knows that she is disqualified from holding public office in the United States of America.

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The United States Code is unequivocal about who cannot hold elective office as stated in the following law of the land.[1]  As follows:

U.S. CODE: Hillary R. Clinton is disqualified from holding any office in the United States

There’s a very good reason why the preceding post has well over 315,000 Facebook “Likes”.  It’s because this particular law CANNOT BE SUBVERTED by anyone, under any circumstances, and the U.S citizenry knows it.  And now they have possession of the hard written law that everyone knows, including Candidate Clinton.

As a BAR-registered lawyer, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State, no one knows this particular law better than Mrs. Clinton.  Actually the DNC probably knows it better as they are directly responsible for vetting the presidential candidates who are officially nominated by the Democratic Party.

Transparent Manipulation of the MSM has Incensed the Electorate

Hillary Clinton’s naked control over the Mainstream Media (MSM) has only pushed more voters into the Donald Trump camp.

The Wikileaks emails showing the unparalleled influence exerted daily by the DNC over the MSM also reveal a deliberate criminal conspiracy to subvert American democracy.

Everyone knows that CNN is really the Clinton News Network.

Everyone knows that MSNBC and CBS News are merely propaganda organs of the Clinton Campaign.

However, that emails have been released, which expose this illicit collaboration between the DNC and the media, is both unprecedented and paradigm-shattering.  The American electoral process will NEVER be that same, nor should it be.  See for yourself: Trumpsters Take On The Mainstream Media

Hillary is running for president to avoid being a prisoner

There is now so much incriminating information that has been downloaded throughout the public domain that serves as an indictment of Clinton’s  official misconduct that the American people will not rest until she is imprisoned.  She knows this.  Which is why she continues to run for POTUS in spite of having a very precarious health status.

The numerous professional medical diagnoses (including her personal physician) and various medical opinions which can now be found on the Internet are all conclusive: Hillary suffers from Parkinson’s disease, Subcortical vascular dementia and Post-concussive syndrome.  Why in the world would she ever run for president unless she absolutely had to?  Even her NWO globalist masters cannot compel her to do something she is effectively incapable of.

Hillary Clinton Is Unlawfully Concealing Her Parkinson’s Disease

The important point here is that Hillary has to win this election to stay out of prison.  The national clamor to prosecute her, convict her, sentence her and get her off the street is now too great and irreversible for her to successfully tamp down.  The more Mrs. Clinton tries to manipulate the MSM, or DNC, or Democratic Party to carry out her will, the more her perfidy is exposed for all to see.  The people are only getting angrier at her lying and treachery, prevarication and deception, betrayal and deceit.

Truly, Hillary R. Clinton has dug herself a grave that she cannot get out of.  Even if she steals this election outright, the American people will eventually Watergate her, a true fulfillment of poetic justice.

State of the Nation
October 14, 2016

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