IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Look How Bernie Sanders Just STABBED Hillary Clinton in the back…

I don’t think anyone in America ever fell for Hillary Clinton’s claims that her and Bernie Sanders were best friends. Hell, even a blind man could see there was something very suspicious about their “partnership.”

Now the wall has finally come crumbling down and Bernie Sanders is stepping forward with only hours to go until the final debate.

BOOM! And why should he, or anyone trust her. Hillary Clinton is a monster who will betray anyone foolish enough to believe her.

That’s when he decided to REALLY let Hillary feel the Bern by dropping a famous Ted Cruz line on her:

People have to vote their conscience. I’m not going to lecture anybody who is voting for a third party candidate. I was a third party candidate. I’m the longest-serving Independent in the history of the United States Congress!”

Hey, sounds like an open invitation to me. Now we just gotta sit back and watch the millennial vote come flooding away from Hillary Clinton. She will be RUINED.

Hey, or better yet, let’s speed up the process by sharing this out across the internet and ruining her ourselves!


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