Liberal Terrorists Crash Another Political Event, This Time They Went Too Far

According to the Chicago Tribune, Vice President Mike Pence was met with a mob of angry protesters during a Chicago fundraising event on Friday. All the man was trying to is help make America great again. But the world’s largest hate-group, the Democrats, won’t allow it.

The event was hosted by the Illinois Republican Party and hoped to raise $1 million for the Republican National Committee. A lucky few were even allowed to meet with Pence personally.

Illinois Republican Chairman Tim Schneider said there is a lot of support for Trump in the Chicago-area.

‘Chicago is the hub of the Midwest and it’s also very close to his roots in Indiana, so he can draw from those folks who are supporters from Indiana. I think we have a great number of supporters here in Chicago who believe in this new Trump-Pence administration, and that’s why they’re here.’

Nonetheless, about 150 protesters gathered outside the Chicago Club. Many held signs that read “We say no to racism, sexism & war!”

‘About 150 protesters have gathered outside Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s Loop fundraiser at The Chicago Club.’

Isn’t this just like the liberals? To call out of work to protest. They should be ashamed. If they spent this much time working they wouldn’t need to be fighting for government handouts and benefits. We support you, VP Mike Pence!


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