Muslim ‘Refugee’ Attacks Local Family – What Happens Next Is Horrifying…

Barack Hussein Obama and his fellow liberals are always talking about how peaceful Muslim “refugees” are, saying they pose absolutely no threat to Western families. Videos like this, however, remind us that most Muslim migrants will actually never be satisfied until the entire Western world has submitted to Shariah law.

The disturbing video below shows a gang of Muslim migrants marching through the city of Calais, France, assaulting local families along the way.

“Happened a few days ago in Calais, France,” the video description reads. “After marching through Calais, Muslim invaders with active help of leftists and communists breach fences around Calais port and stormed some of ferries to England. After that they attacked some local families that rejected to support Muslim colonization of France.”

 “About 2000 Muslims and black invaders, organized and helped by “antifa” and liberal retards, had march through Calais demanding everything: money, cars, houses, women, more money etc …. When local native people tried to protest, “refugees” attacked them openly in broad daylight. Of course there was no police in sight,” the description added.

As long as we continue to let hoards of refugees in, our families will never be safe. SHARE this story if you want these violent migrants OUT of our country!


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