Trump Admin Makes Major Announcement About Hillary Clinton

Sean Spicer, Donald Trump’s new press secretary, argued that people should be talking about “punishing” Hillary Clinton for trying to “influence the election.” This all happened while he was on an interview.

Damn, I am pretty sure Hillary Clinton is depressed after seeing this interview.

Here are the details:

Spicer was asked if President-elect Trump accepts the conclusion of seventeen U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia was responsible for the hacks that sought to damage Clinton’s bid for the presidency. He shot back by responding, “Why aren’t we talking about the other influences on the election? Why aren’t we talking about Hillary Clinton getting debate questions ahead of time?”

Spicer brings up a phenomenal point. Clinton was given an unfair advantage by being given debate questions ahead of time.

Spicer said, “No one is asking those questions. The fact is that everyone wants to make Donald Trump admit to certain things. When do we talk about the other side, which is what did Hillary Clinton do to influence the election? Is she being punished?”

In addition, here is the video from the interview:

(H/T) Truth Monitor

Sean certainly brought up some interesting points in this interview. He was right about one thing though…no one is talking about how Hillary received the questions for the debate up front.

Well, WE are talking about it Sean. WE will SHARE this article on every social media that we know.

America deserves to know what kind of hypocrites the Democrats are!

Thank you for reading.

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