Uncensored! Obama Speaks About “White Americans”

Obama loses his supporters every day, and now he gave us another reason to be angry.

The President said, “So, part of the challenge for Democrats and progressives generally is that if we cannot compete in rural areas, in rural states…If we can’t find some way to break through what is a complicated history in the South and start winning races there and winning back southern white voters without betraying our commitment to civil rights and diversity — if we can do those things, then we can win elections.”

Who was Obama referring to? People who live in rural communities, southern people or white people?

Well, he may have missed this fact, but both candidates were white, so race was never a factor.

Everybody could have voted for candidates on the left if they preferred their policies.

The Dems have to admit that their party had pretty severe issues with racism.

The liberals have to understand – people elected Donald Trump because he promised to save our country. It’s all in his policies.

Obama can keep telling you stories of how bad the South is, but we believe that he’s not even aware of the stuff he is saying. Your skin color, the place where you live, and your idol don’t make you a racist.

The President wouldn’t accept that Hillary lost because of her Dems. How could they nominate a criminal?

Do you agree on this one? Are Democrats the ones to be blamed for their lost? How will the situation develop in near future?

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